How the Point System Works


Members have 3 ways to earn points for their team. Teams can cook in MWBA sponsored events. Teams can cook in non-MWBA sponsored events. Teams can Rep. MWBA sponsored events and accumulate points to their total and be considered for the Midwest Best BBQ Showdown and end of year Organization Payout. Points can be accumulated starting March 1st until the MWBA final event. Teams may officially begin to accumulate points beginning the day of accepted and confirmed membership. NO SCORES WILL BE ALLOWED FOR POINTS PRIOR TO MEMBERSHIP DATE FOR ANY REASON.

1. MWBA Sponsored events

Teams can compete in sponsored events while being entitled to FULL POINTS. Points will be awarded based on the type of competition and in accordance with the Points System set by the MWBA Board of Directors and provided to you by the board.

Points are not allowed from Non Sponsored Outside events 


2. Representing a MWBA sponsored event

You will receive the average amount of points from the MWBA teams at a MWBA sanctioned contest.

Point structure and calculation

Every MWBA Team gets 25 points for being in a contest

Points are given for OVERALL contest whether it’s a one, two or three meat.  The only exception is MWBA Finals where points will be given in all meat categories and to the overall.


1st place gets additional 100pts.

2-gets additional 75pts.

3-gets additional 50pts.

4-thru 10 gets additional 25pts.

11place and above gets additional 15pts.


Additional 25 points for early registration (must be marked that you are going on the facebook event on that contest by 11:59 on the sunday before the contest)


Contest rep will get 75 points for repping the contest.

Points are whatever you place no matter what. (non-members get no points for that contest.